Work life balance


Do we sometimes tend to stick to our daily routine each and every day? That alarm clock that rings early morning and you do what you usually do to get to work or what you got going on your agenda. Well there is nothing wrong with that at all, however it’s always important to create your work life balance.

It’s always important for me to prioritize a balance in my mind, body & soul. During my free time I would prefer spending  my time at the pool, reading a book or go for a quick run preferably outside or discover a new place which fits in my work life balance.

Recently I discovered Al Bidda Park , Doha Qatar. It’s perfect as I love nature and parks and anything that involves enjoying myself in nature!

I would definitely recommend this place. It has amazing features such as BBQ stands, Kids playing grounds, excersice equipments and jogging trails.

The park opens daily from 06:30 am until 12:00am at night. You can simply go there between those timings free of access for everyone out there!

Not only did I discovered a new place but I also found a place where I can relax , read a book and enjoy myself at the same time.

What is your work life balance?IMG_20190421_174500_970












Beach and more beach


My favourite spot!The Beach…

Do you ever get that feeling where you just want to enjoy your time at the beach with a nice book, sounds of waves, sunlight on your body and an ice cold beverage? Today is that day for me.

I enjoy spending time at the beach. It has a calming effects and it’s one of the places I can spend my whole day. I’m from South Africa Cape Town, we have a lot of beaches in my country and that is why I spend most of my time in nature.

Here are few reasons why spending at time around water  has benefit me.

Mediation, being a better human to myself and others around me, Excercising of my brain and Peaceful.

How do you think spending time at the beach can benefit each and every one out there….?